Art Literacy

Art Literacy is the Rock Creek Elementary School art program. It is entirely administered by parent volunteers and funded by the Parent Teacher Club.

Art Literacy is taught in every classroom six times per year by parent volunteers (typically parents of students in the class being taught). Each Art Literacy lesson has two parts – a presentation about the artist and their work, followed by a project using the artist’s materials, tools, or techniques. Students have the opportunity to use new and different art materials as well as learn about famous artists.

The Art Literacy program at Rock Creek is part of a district-wide program whose goal is to introduce students to artists, techniques, and materials. The project provides a better understanding of the artist, and the outcome is less important than the process itself. Therefore, every student can be successful, regardless of artistic talent.

As a volunteer, what will I do?

No artistic experience is needed! Prior to each of the six lessons, volunteers must attend either a morning or evening training session. During the hour-long training session, the presentation will be given to the volunteers, and then they have a chance to complete their own project. Later, at a time scheduled with the teacher, the volunteer will give the same presentation to the class and help them complete the project. All art supplies and presentation materials are provided.

How do I sign up to volunteer?

If you (or any other family member) are interested in volunteering, please contact the Art Lit Coordinators for more information.